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    1. The 9 beauty drops to look out for in May

      By Becky Bargh 29-Apr-2022

      Cosmetics Business rounds up the freshest beauty products to look out for next month

      Spring has officially sprung, and in this round-up Cosmetics Business revealed the biggest beauty launches coming in May.

      Read the full list, which contains products from Dior, Frank Body and Coco & Eve, below.

      1. Frank Body

      With more consumers investing in skin care beyond the face, affordable skin care brand Frank Body has expanded its body collection with a new duo.

      Containing the brand’s new hero ingredient rosehip, the new body cleanser and body oil are targeted for the hips.

      The Rosehip Body Scrub & Cleanser is a 2-in-1 product that exfoliates and lathers to soften stretch marks and scars, while rosehip leaves a subtle scent.

      Vitamin E has been harnessed to help protect the skin along with exfoliating sugar.

      The Rosehip Dry Body Oil, meanwhile contains coconut and grapeseed oil to combat dullness and dryness, as well as fatty acids to nourish the skin.

      Both products retail for £16.95.

      2. Dior

      Dior’s Creative and Image Director, Peter Philips, was inspired by summer days and eternal holidays when creating its new summer range.

      “All over the world, the legendary riviera evokes a certain idea of French luxury that is part elegance and part carefree style, with sails set against the mediterranean, deck chairs on the beach, sun-kissed skin and holiday temptations,” said Philips.

      “This collection explores combinations of luminous textures and natural, warm shades based on coral and bronze that flatter every complexion.

      “The products are never intimidating and aspire to create a sublime, radiant beauty.”

      The line includes a new lip tint, glow oil, bronzer, five palettes, Dior’s Forever Couture Luminizer Dioriviera and Dior’s Vernis nail polish.

      Coco & Eve

      Coco & Eve’s new leave-in conditioner is the brand’s most requested product to date.

      The Balinese beauty brand’s new nourishing and hydrating hair care sku is blended with coconut, avocado oil and rice proteins, to strengthen and repair hair.

      Moringa seeds have also been harnessed for their antioxidant properties, which reduces pollution and UV stress on the hair, preventing breakage.

      The product should be applied to the mid and ends of hair, and can be used on damp or dry hair.

      4. Hello Sunday

      Beauty start-up Hello Sunday has dropped three new skin care products on the market this week.

      New to its portfolio is The Retouch One (£18), a face mist that contains SPF30.

      For a top up of SPF, users should shake and spray onto the face over make-up.

      Also joining the brand’s line-up is The One For Your Eyes (£18) for those with sensitive eyes.

      It is created with hydrolysed proteins and biomimetic peptides to brighten and lift the eye area, for a refreshed look.

      Formulated with SPF50, it protects the eye area from UV damage and is infused with microbiome-friendly oatmeal prebiotics to help hydrate and calm the skin.

      Finally, the brand’s new Glow Face Mask (£18) – a gel recovery mask – is now available to shop (pictured).

      Designed to soothe thanks to its blend with cica, the sku will also calm the face and give a brighter appearance.

      5. Sorted

      Brand new to the beauty market this week is Sorted – a new microbiome-based skin care brand.

      Founded by Tim Driver, who has been a part of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for more than 35 years, the brand aims to bridge the gap between beauty and pharmacy.

      It is hitting the sector with six products for the face, body and intimate areas.

      The 5 in 1 Anti-Redness Day Cream is a versatile solution for the appearance of red and sensitive skin.

      Green microcapsules help to neutralise and conceal redness, including rosacea couperose and blemishes.

      Sorted Skin’s Intensive Rescue range is made up of its Rescue Spray, Rescue Face Lotion and Intensive Rescue Moisturiser skus, and contains the brand’s rebalancing and moisturising technology.

      Ingredients include oat extract, ceramide-rich jojoba, aloe vera and buckthorn.

      Completing the range is the Intimate Hygiene Wash and Spray.

      Designed for all genders, the products relieve itching, soreness and discomfort in the groin and intimate area.

      Rich in vitamin E and lactic acid, the duo contains rosehip and clove oil, as well as peppermint.

      6. Wings of Wisdom

      Founded by London-based designer Catherine Mugnier, fragrance brand Wings of Wisdom has launched a new trio of candles.

      A Watchful Eye, Lunatic and Memories of Summer have been created to help consumers set daily intentions.

      The candles come in reusable fine bone china vessels, which have been handmade by traditional crafters in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, with 22-carat gold details.

      A Watchful Eye is blended with ylang ylang, plum, vanilla, iris and rose, as well as jasmine and geranium.

      Inspired by the cycle of the moon, Lunatic is formulated with moonflower, jasmine, incense, limba bark and vetiver.

      Memories of Summer, meanwhile, is said to be revitalising and uses mandarin, soft orange, vanilla, white musk and kumquat.

      “Beauty has the power to alter people’s lives, feeding into the human experience,” said Mugnier.

      “I wanted to weave meaning and purpose into our ‘objects of beauty’ at Wings of Wisdom and to explore how it can shift perception, our behaviours and those of others.

      “My intention with these candles isn't just to light up your home, I hope that they ultimately, by cause and effect, can in some way light up the world.

      “Where thoughts go, energy flows.”

      7. Umberto Giannini

      Umberto Giannini’s new hair care brand is aimed at consumers with dry and damaged hair.

      The Hair Repair range comprises a deep conditioning treatment, as well as a shampoo and conditioner.

      The treatment helps to seal hair’s cuticle to reduce the appearance of split ends and improve strength.

      Sulfate and silicone-free, the shampoo and conditioner cleanses weakened hair, without stripping, while also restoring shine and preventing hair from further damage.

      Hero ingredients include avocado oil, kale extracts and the brand’s natural keratin shield complex.

      “Use the shampoo and conditioner religiously, and apply the mask two to three times a week, when hair feels really damaged – one to two times a week otherwise,” said Anastais Stylianou, a professional hairstylist and Umberto Giannini brand ambassador.

      “The longer you leave this on the better; I often sleep overnight in the mask and wash out the following morning.”

      8. Olivia’s Haven

      “Cocktails make me happy,” said Olivia Burns, the founder of Olivia’s Haven home fragrance brand.

      And so, she has created a cocktail inspired collection.

      Complete with Espresso Martini, Peach Bellini and Ginger Fizz, the line is a nod to Burns’ love of going out.

      “I just love a night out with the girls, so to celebrate good times, I created our first limited edition collection with scents inspired by a selection of our top rated cocktails.”

      The skus are set to launch on 17 May, in either a candle, reed diffuser or wax melts, RRP from £10.

      9. Body by TPH

      TPH is the beauty brand created by American actress Taraji Henson.

      Created in 2020, the brand was born out of her kitchen when the Empire star started mixing homemade scalp products.

      Now, the brand has expanded into the body category with its first-ever line of skus.

      Body by TPH comprises 13 products – priced between US$8.97 and $11.97 – and is available exclusively at Walmart.

      The collection includes body oil, gel cleanser, shower cream, bath soak and body cream, among others.

      “During my journey to love my skin and hair, I realised we all have different challenges and they’re simply not talked about,” said Henson.

      “We created these products with all skin and people of all shades, shapes and sizes in mind so that everyone can glow from head to toe.

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      “Body by TPH is the new standard for bath and body care that not only cares for your skin health but goes beyond.”


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